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Our Sessions

At LittleSwans Rugby we are passionate about providing fun and engaging rugby sessions for children. Our mission is to introduce as many children as possible to the exciting world of rugby, teaching them valuable skills such as teamwork, sportsmanship, and perseverance. With our experienced coaches and safe environment, your child will have fun while learning and growing. Our sessions are always non-contact and personalized to each age group and ability level, all the sessions are non-contact and are mixed classes so everyone can participate!


Join us today and let your little ones discover the joy of rugby!

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Cygnets (Ages 3-5)

Our youngest age groups participate in fun sessions designed around developing basic motor skills, sporting movements and the introduction to our core values.  By playing a variety of games, with various shapes, sizes and colored balls we begin to expose the children to new skills and activities. Fun is always our priority!


The safe, non-contact, 45- minute sessions will revolve around group games which begin to expose the children to the fundamentals of rugby, amongst other related games, all whilst enabling them to enjoy themselves in a save and nurturing environment.   

In K and Pre-K, our joint parent and child sessions are always encouraged! It is a great way for you and your child to begin your Rugby journey together!

Little Swans (Ages 6-9)

The Little Swans age group is so important for the development of a child both on and off the field.  Beyond just learning how to pass, catch, and kick, rugby and our values develop characteristics like teamwork, sportsmanship, and resilience. By engaging in age-appropriate drills and games, our children not only hone their physical abilities but also cultivate crucial cognitive and social skills. Moreover, this period is vital for instilling a love for the sport, a lifelong passion that extends far beyond the field. Through supportive coaching and positive reinforcement, Little Swans can thrive in an environment that encourages both individual growth and collective achievement, preparing them for a fulfilling journey in rugby and life.


The non contact 60-minute sessions feature drills and games that become more challenging across the ages. We emphasize more rugby specific drills and the children will begin to participate in small sided matches.


Join us and watch as your child grows and develops as a rugby player.

Swans (Ages 10+)

At the Swans age group, the 60-minute sessions offer a unique opportunity for the most advanced age group to learn more about rugby skills, teamwork, and participate in small sided matches, all while having fun and continuing to be non-contact.


Our experienced coaches focus on providing a positive and inclusive environment where athletes can develop and improve their abilities. Each session will continue to accommodate all abilities levels but will take on a fundamental element of rugby every week and continue to expand the skills and development of our older children.  

Join us today and take your game to the next level!

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